Henne appointed to city council

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ENGLEWOOD — Tuesday night members of Englewood City Council voted unanimously to appoint Steve Henne to fill a council vacancy for the unexpired term of James Silko, who recently stepped down due his move to Kettering.

A total of seven people submitted letters of interest expressing their desire to be considered for the vacancy.

Law Director Jim McNamee explained the process used to select Silko’s replacement.

Under Section 2.11 of the city charter, any candidate that submitted a letter within 15 days of the vacancy being announced would be eligible as a candidate.

“The process for electing a candidate is done by the ballot process,” McNamee stated. “On each ballot all seven names are included every time and each council member votes on each ballot and states the name of the individual that they want to designate for the replacement council member. The objective at some point is to get at least a majority of four votes. Four out of six constitutes the majority, so if we don’t get that on the first ballot council members can change their mind on the next ballot if they want to and then we just repeat the process. If we can’t get a majority then we move it on to the next meeting to try again. If we can’t a majority by that time, after 45 days then the mayor can designate the candidate.”

Clerk of Council Kerry Norman called the roll of council to write down their verbal vote. Henne was chosen unanimously to fill the vacancy.

“We were thrilled to have seven people interested in being on Englewood council, and actually any one of them would have been an OK member,” said Mayor Patricia Burnside.

She instructed Norman to call each candidate on Wednesday to advise them of the result of the vote and to also mail them a letter, which should encourage them to run for a council seat during the next election since there will be four council members running for re-election.

During the next election the top three vote getters will serve a four year term and the fourth would be elected to serve a two year term and would have to run for re-election again in 2021.

Henne will be sworn in at the next council meeting.


By Ron Nunnari


Reach Ron Nunnari at 684-9124, via email Rnunnari@aimmediamidwest.com or on Twitter @Englewood_Ind

Reach Ron Nunnari at 684-9124, via email Rnunnari@aimmediamidwest.com or on Twitter @Englewood_Ind