Suit against Perry Township settled

Staff Report

PERRY TOWNSHIP – An Ohio “Sunshine Law” suit filed by Perry Township resident Bonnie Bertelson against the Perry Township Trustees (Montgomery County Common Pleas Case No. 19 CV 1736) regarding numerous violations of Ohio’s Open Meetings Act and Public Records Act has been resolved.

The lawsuit was filed in 2019.

Via an agreed entry submitted to the Court, Perry Township is enjoined from future violations of the Open Meetings Act and is ordered to pay a civil forfeiture in the amount of $1,100 as well as attorney fees in the amount of $17,000 and all court costs.

Recognizing Perry Township’s limited financial resources, the Township will have up to five years to pay the settlement amount.

Bertelson was represented by Brian C. Shrive of Finney Law Firm and Curt C. Hartman of the Law Firm of Curt C. Hartman. From attorney Brian Shrive:

“From the beginning Bonnie Bertelson’s sole focus was to make certain that she and other residents would be able to scrutinize the actions of the (Perry Township) Trustees,” said Shrive. “With this agreed entry, that will happen.”

Shrive can be reached at his office at 513-943-6656 for more information about this case.

Staff Report