Northmont area police reports

The following information has been provided by Northmont area police departments. The information listed in this column is considered public record and is available to anyone seeking information concerning what is provided below.

For purposes of this column, the term “arrested” or “charged” does not necessarily mean the person was taken into physical custody. It could also indicate that a summons was issued to the subject in lieu of physical custody.

All the people listed as “arrested” or “charged” are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Tuesday, Aug. 8

City of Clayton

Report 17-1535: Breaking and entering was reported at Spirit of Dayton Ice Cream in the 8000 block of N. Main St. The business owner stated that he fired an employee for lack of productivity and alleges the employee broke into his shop overnight and stole approximately $350. He further advised that employees at a neighboring business saw the former employee walking through the parking lot towards his business earlier in the morning. The two businesses share a fenced in rear parking lot. The witness at the neighboring business described the suspect, which matched the description of the fired employee. After entering the suspect’s information into the police L.E.A.D.S. data base it was discovered that the suspect also has an active warrant for his arrest.

City of Union

Report 17-046513: Police responded to the 500 block of Sheets Street on the report of a fight between a boyfriend and girlfriend fighting. Aaron S. Heffner, 45, of Union, was charged with domestic violence and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Clay Township

Report: 17-19216-08: Police responded to the 6500 block of W. National Rd. on the report of found property. A female stated that while walking home along National Road she found a flare gun lying on the side of the road in the area of the Diamond Mill Road intersection. Police took possession of a black metal flare gun and checked the serial number through the Law Enforcement Automated Data System to see if it was listed as stolen, but the serial number did not show up. The flare gun was placed in the property room for safe keeping.

Wednesday, Aug. 9

City of Clayton

Report 17-1542: Police responded to United Dairy Farmers on the report of a theft. Upon arrival a store employee advised that two white males entered the business and walked back to the cooler where the alcoholic beverages are kept. The store was busy with several customers. A second store employee recognized the two males from an incident that took place in the store on August 7 when they were acting suspicious in the cold medicine aisle. On that date $60 worth of cold medicine turned up missing. On today’s date the employees reviewed store security footage and observed one of the males put something down his pants and walk out of the store after he paid for a fuel purchase. Employees discovered a 24 ounce can of Four LoKo alcoholic fruit punch was missing from the cooler. The employees recorded the suspect’s license plate number and it returned to a vehicle out of Greenville.

City of Englewood

Report 17-046657: An officer met a subject at the police department regarding the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. The subject was there on behalf of the vehicle owner and victim who does not speak English. The victim’s vehicle had been involved in a traffic crash on Keowee Street in Dayton. The vehicle had been left parked at the victim’s apartment at 711 W. Wenger Road in Englewood. The victim’s girlfriend took the keys to the vehicle and drove to Dayton where she subsequently crashed and notified her boyfriend. The girlfriend fled the scene when she learned Dayton Police had been notified. The vehicle was left abandoned in a business parking lot and was then towed away by order of the business owner. Englewood Police attempted to contact the vehicle owner at his apartment without success. Apartment management was contacted and informed police that no such person was registered to any apartment in the complex. The case was closed due to lack of investigative leads.

Report 17-046703: Police responded to Walmart on the report of a theft in progress. The suspect, a white male wearing a red shirt and khaki pants, was reportedly exiting the store through the general merchandise doors. Upon arrival an officer spotted the male who was observed walking quickly through the parking lot. When the male noticed police he began to walk back toward the store between parked vehicles. As the subject approached the grocery entrance a store security agent ordered the male to stop but he ignored the command and began running back into the parking lot. The officer ordered the male to stop and threatened to Tase him. The male refused to stop and the officer used his Taser unit and the male immediately fell to the ground. Englewood medics arrived and removed the Taser probes from the male, who was wearing clothes he had stolen from the store. Shawn S. Valliere, 36, at large, was charged with theft and obstructing official business. He was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Clay Township

Report 17-19246-08: An officer inside the Sunoco gas station observed a white female digging through the used cigarette holder. An employee said the female was not allowed to dig through the used cigarette holder. The officer stepped outside and ordered to stop and to put the cigarettes back that she had grabbed. The female put them back and ran around the back of the building and began to get into a silver Ford Escape occupied by three other people. A male in the right rear passenger seat was discovered to be a wanted subject. Joseph A. Flippo, 25, of Greenville, was arrested on a warrant issued by Western Division Court. He was transported to the Montgomery County Jail. The female provided police with a name and Social Security number that were later found to be false. She dropped a used needle under the front driver’s side tire. Empty gel capsules were found in the front passenger door where the female was seated. Since no narcotics were found the other three occupants of the vehicle were permitted to leave. Police later discovered the female’s real name and learned that she had two active warrants for her arrest.

Thursday, Aug. 10

City of Clayton

Report 17-1552: While on patrol an officer came upon a disabled vehicle on eastbound Westbrook Road near Garber Road blocking traffic. The officer parked behind the disabled vehicle with his emergency lights activated to alert oncoming traffic. After checking the driver’s identification the officer discovered she was a wanted subject. Janae L. Rothwell, 23, of Clayton, was arrested on a warrant issued by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and was transported to jail.

City of Union

Report 17-046890: Jonathan S. Salley, 28, of West Milton, was arrested in Miami County on an active warrant issued by Union Police. Salley was released to a Union officer and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Friday, Aug. 11

City of Englewood

Report 17-047188: Police responded to Walmart on the report of two juveniles that had placed cheaper price tags on numerous items. The juveniles then went to the self-scan checkout and scanned the cheaper price tags and also failed to scan numerous other items. A 16-year-old female and a 15-year-old female from Dayton 45406 were both charged with theft. They were picked up by family members. Charges were forwarded to juvenile court.

Report 17-047189: Erica L. Williams, 33, of Trotwood, was charged with theft without consent at Meijer. She was issued a court summons and released.

City of Union

Report 17-047133: Police responded to Proctor & Gamble on the report of a theft of a wallet. Upon arrival the victim stated that someone had removed money from his wallet after it fell out of his pocket while he was working. When he was ready to leave work a floor manager told him that is wallet was at the front desk. When he retrieved the wallet he discovered $200 cash missing. After running the victim’s information police discovered he was a wanted subject. Justin K. Layne, 28, of Dayton 45414, was arrested on a warrant out of Moraine for failure to appear in court for a traffic violation. Moraine advised that Layne could be issued a Criminal Rule 4 release and issued a new date to appear in court.

Sunday, Aug. 13

City of Union

Report 17-047589: An unknown subject scratched the passenger side of a vehicle parked in the lot at Proctor & Gamble.

Monday, Aug. 14

City of Clayton

Report 17-1577: An unknown subject set fire to a mailbox containing mail in the 6700 block of Afton Drive. The door to the mailbox was melted and the interior of the mailbox was melted through. An extra watch was placed on the residence by police.

Tuesday, Aug. 15

City of Union

Report 17-047923: An unknown subject broke electrical outlets off the west side of the Union Fire House and threw them in a nearby trash can.

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By Ron Nunnari

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